Climate Change

ISO, GRI Meetings Set Direction for Social Responsibility, Sustainability

In May I had the opportunity to participate in the annual conference of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in Amsterdam and at the meeting of the Working Group of ISO 26000 Social Responsibility (SR) Guideline Standard in Copenhagen (Paul Hohnen and I are GRI’s co-delegates). From these two meetings, it is apparent that important changes are underway in the area of sustainability and SR.(Log in to view Commentary)

Carbon Performance & Measurement: Current Practices

GRI Annual Conference, Amsterdam, May 28, 2010 (Log in to download file)

Worksheet for Computing an Approximate Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Footprint for a Commercial Business

By United Stationers Supply Co. and William Blackburn Consulting, Ltd., Jan. 2008, April 2011 (Log in to download file)

Climate Change/Global Warming: Silly Fantasy or Serious Fact

Rotary Meeting, Buffalo Grove, IL, April 15, 2004 (Log in to download file)

Corporate Actions to Reduce Carbon Emissions

CERES Conference, New York, NY, April 2, 2003 (Log in to download file)