Bill Blackburn is president of William Blackburn Consulting, Ltd., (WBC) a global consulting firm focusing on sustainability and environment, health and safety management, and emergency and crisis response.  The firm is a social enterprise with all net revenues going to environmental and social causes–primarily the Green Hollow Center, a nature preserve and sustainability learning center.  Bill has over forty years’ experience in the fields covered by WBC, including practical experience as a seasoned leader in building and operating successful programs in these areas within a major corporation. He is a popular university lecturer on these topics.

Until 2003 Bill was vice president and chief counsel, Corporate Environment, Health and Safety and a sustainability leader at Baxter International Inc., a $10 billion global manufacturer of health-care products based in Deerfield, IL. Under his guidance, Baxter received more than 300 external awards for its environment, health and safety and sustainability programs and was a pioneer in public sustainability reporting, including environmental metrics and accounting.  The company is one of the few to have been regularly listed annually in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (World and North America) since the index was founded in 1999.  Before joining Baxter in 1978, Bill was general counsel for Clinton Bogert Associates of Fort Lee, NJ, an environmental consulting engineering firm.

The second edition of Bill’s best-selling book, The Sustainability Handbook—The Complete Management Guide to Achieving Social, Economic, and Environmental Responsibility, was published in 2015 by the Environmental Law Institute and West Academic Publishing and is used by numerous business schools.  The first edition (2007) is also available in Mandarin Chinese.

Blackburn also is president of The Green Hollow Center, Inc., an Iowa non-profit corporation that manages educational, research, and charitable pursuits to benefit community groups, students, educators, businesses, and the general public.  The similarly named Green Hollow Center is a 160-acre nature preserve and sustainability learning center located in the environmentally sensitive Loess Hills of Southwest Iowa, which is owned and funded by William Blackburn Consulting.