WBC Offers Broad, Practical Experience to Global Clients


From board rooms to class rooms, NGOs to governments, trade groups to businesses – leaders rely upon William Blackburn Consulting for assistance with sustainability, EHS, and crisis management, including:

  • Advice on strategies, frameworks, planning, measurement, reporting, management systems, standards, auditing, and engagement
  • Assessing and improving performance
  • Keynote presentations
  • Strengthening reputations and stakeholder relationships
  • Developing emergency response/crisis management plans
  • Advocacy with policy-makers and standards groups
  • Preparing research and policy papers


Authored by William R. Blackburn, “The Sustainability Handbook” is a hallmark publication marrying management experience with academic research, translating sustainability principles into practical approaches for corporate, academic, government and non-profit organizations of all sizes. It’s available in English and Mandarin Chinese.   A model course syllabus for collegiate instructors is available on-line at no charge.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

All net revenues of WBC are used for environmental and social causes—primarily to establish and maintain Blackburn’s Green Hollow Center, a 160-acre nature preserve and sustainability learning center in the Loess Hills of Southwest Iowa.  The Center’s educational, research, and charitable pursuits are designed to benefit community groups, students, educators, businesses, and the general public.   WBC uses recycled paper; recycles paper, bottles and cans; and uses compact fluorescent light bulbs.  Its company vehicle is a fuel-efficient hybrid.  All correspondence and billings are done by email where possible.  It has a policy of using female or minority owned or managed businesses for at least half of its office support and subcontracted services.